ENT (Oto-Rino-Laryngology)is a medical specialty that establishes diagnosis and treatment (medical and/or surgical) in diseases related to the ear, nose, throat. Diseases commonly found in the ENT sphere: otitis, hearing loss, sinusitis, allergies, deviated septum, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, parotiditis, cancers etc.

Tonal Audiometry is the examination of the auditory threshold at different frequencies and is done with a special device. Examination is done in a special cab without noise or in a soundproof room. Measurements made in voice audiometry show the patient’s ability to understand inter-human communication. The audiologist records the results of the examination on an audiogram.


  • Dr. Frandes Iulia – primary ENT physician


  • ENT consultation
  • audiometry
  • auricular clean

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Dr. Frandes Iulia

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