Clinical psychology deals with the study of psychological factors involved in state of health and illness. It aims at two main directions of action: (1) identifying and controlling the psychological factors involved in the installation and evolution of diseases,   (2) prophylaxis / prevention of diseases and improving the functioning of healthy people (e.g. optimization of intellectual, relational achievements, etc.) Clinician psychologist is the one who has the competence to perform clinical assessment (assessment of emotions, behaviors, thoughts, personality) and to establish a psychological diagnosis . S/He is also the qualified and authorized person to undertake psychological intervention, whether in the form of psychological counseling or in the form of psychotherapy.     Psychotherapy is the mode of intervention that aims primarily at treating mental disorders, improving mental and physical functioning, and, of course, improving the quality of life. It addresses not only people with various pathologies, but also healthy people who want to improve their intellectual, social, professional performance, etc. When to call for psychotherapy? When faced with:

  • mood disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder);
  • anxiety disorders (e.g. phobias, panic, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress);
  • addiction (e.g. alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction);
  • eating disorders (e.g. bulimia, anorexia, compulsive eating);
  • personality disorders (e.g. borderline personality disorder, addictive personality disorder);
  • mental disorders with psychotic manifestations (e.g. schizophrenia, delusional disorder).

Psychotherapy can help in case of stressful events that can manifest in the lives of any of us. For example, it can be of real use for:

  • resolving conflicts with the life partner and improving the couple relationship;
  • relieving anxiety and stress associated with various work problems;
  • facing major changes in our lives, such as divorce, death of a close person, loss of work, moving to another city / country;
  • solving the difficulties encountered in relation to their own child;
  • resolving sleep problems, chronic fatigue;
  • effective management of weight control difficulties;
  • to deal with a serious medical diagnosis such as cancer, diabetes, a genetic disease and to adopt the most appropriate attitude;
  • to recover from physical or sexual abuse or witnessing such abuse;
  • relief of some organic symptoms (e.g. headaches, abdominal discomfort, breathing difficulties, palpitations, etc.) that do not fit into a clearly established diagnosis.


  • Ps. Piringer Anda – psychologist


  • psychology sessions
  • individual psychotherapy for adults and children
  • psychotherapy for couple
  • psychological counseling for future parents
  • psychological counseling on effective parenting strategies
  • psychological interventions associated with weight control
  • genetic counseling

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Ps. Pringer Anda

  • Wednesday: 17:00 – 20:00
  • Thursday: 10:00 – 16:00
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